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My son at the age of 6 and only months away from turning 7 was still in night time nappies and wetting every single night. We tried everything and I was beside myself until I found your product after doing some research on the Internet.

I was exhausted and depressed over why our smart, bright, 6 year old still required night time nappies. Your product changed our lives.

I used the sensor inside his night time nappy and just wrapped it in a tissue so the sensor would activate when wet (just as your instructions suggested). I decided not to put it in underpants because I was at the point of exhaustion cleaning sheets and clothes every single day and I found that placing the sensor wrapped in a tissue inside a nappy (pull-up) worked perfectly.

The alarm went off every single night for just over 3 weeks straight as my son wet himself. And then out of no-where in the middle of the 3rd week, my son slept thru the night and no sound of an alarm! He woke up dry. I was in absolute shock. He had never had a dry night since he was born. I was in tears of happiness. My son then followed a pattern of 2-3 days dry and 1 wet and so on until he was eventually dry 14 days straight at about the 6 week mark. Many times he would wake up and run to the toilet which was fantastic as in the past he would sleep right thru when he wet himself. Sometimes he didn't make it to the toilet in time but I was just thrilled at the progress he was making.

My son is now dry and our lives have changed so positively. He is so much more confident and his entire personality is just blossoming. Less than 3 months ago I was at the point of desperation and so concerned about my sons lack of confidence over his problem. He would say he was a still a baby or dumb or stupid because he was still in night time nappies and this was just heart-breaking for a mother to hear.

Now that is in the past. If only I had learned about this product 3 years ago...

I would just like to say thank you with all my heart for this innovative product that has changed our lives.