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Hi Jack. Dry nights and camping with our 5 year old

No need for further info as it's all done!

Our 5 year old boy now has now had more than 14 dry nights and we have not used the Dri-Sleeper since Christmas (now 4th of January). We are confident that the bedwetting is gone, as he now sleeps the whole night through, waking up dry (he always did but 95% of the time woke up wet, despite putting him on the loo 1-2 times a night).

At first we thought we were in for the long-haul, as he struggled to wake at night and we had to assist him waking etc. but eventually he began to go the whole night without 'buzzing'. We recently went on a camping trip and didn't even think of taking nappies or the Dri-Sleeper, what a change in such a short period!

We purchased a second sensor and it was well worth it, as preparing a spare set of undies with the pad and sensor ready to go meant a quick change when the buzzer did go off (we highly recommend purchasing at least one spare sensor for this purpose). We also had an additional short mattress protector which was easily removed when wet, leaving a dry sheet underneath. We became highly skilled at this and the night time 'pit-stop' could be done in 1-2 minutes, minimising the interruption to our son's and our sleep.

I personally wet the bed until about 14 years old and wish I had this device when I was 5. Thanks for developing this product, making it available so quickly and for such a reasonable price and for providing such good backup and tips for use. It's made our son and our lives so much better. 

We highly recommend this product.

Thanks again, Dave