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Good Afternoon,

Thank you I would very much appreciate to give you feed back on the progress of our daughter who we purchased the Bed Wetting Alarm for.

Our daughter was on the wet-away program late 2013 early 2014 and was still wetting during the night, so once she returned back to school after the summer holidays we put her back into pull ups so that we didn't have to start washing sheets every morning and especially coming up to winter time we didn't want to have to be doing this.

We then after our daughter saying that she hated being in the pull ups decided to do some research and found your alarms online, we then purchased this after finding out in Tassie that you can't purchase alarms you can only hire them at a considerable amount of money per week etc so spending the $89.00 or so with your company we decided to do that..

We received the alarm around Christmas time 2014 and decided that after Christmas we would start her as both my husband and I were both on Christmas leave until second week of January.

Our daughter used the alarm every night from late December until end of January without having any problems at all, the alarm was pinned to her pj's and she was able to hear when it went off so she was able to get up and take herself to the toilet.  My husband and I encouraged her every night and praised her as even though we were needing to wash her undies, we weren't needing to was all the sheets as we have a mat to protect them.

She went away for a few nights to Hobart from Launceston with my in-laws and took the alarm with her, she was able to complete the going to the toilet herself with little or no assistance from her grandparents.  We have even had her start grade 3 this year and I really can't remember the last time she used the alarm, as she decided one night that she wanted to try going to bed without it, this happened on a Friday night so that we had the weekend if needed to wash the sheets etc.  It has probably been about 2 - 3 weeks since we used the alarm and we have had a fantastic success.. Thank you so very much, I would really recommend your alarms to other people who are having problems with their children.


K & M Phelps