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Dear Sir/Madam

I purchased the DRI Sleeper Eclipse for my 12 year old daughter in early March this year. My daughter is a very sound sleeper and I was not at all hopeful of the outcome. She had been under the care of a urologist in Sydney for both day and night incontinence. She was able to get the day incontinence under control over a 12 month period with bladder training.
We began with the alarm and it took a good 2 weeks for her to be able to wake up to the alarm. During this time I used the additional alarm to wake me and then I would go and wake my daughter using a cold face washer and leaving her alarm to ring until she was wide awake. Once she mastered this it only took her another 2 weeks before she was either sleeping through the night without wetting or sometimes waking herself up to go to the toilet. The only thing I insisted on during this process was that there was no sleep overs at our place an she did not go to anyone's for a sleepover. My daughter found this difficult at first but understood that it was for her benefit.

In the beginning I assisted my daughter with placing the alarm in the Poise pad, washing it and resetting the alarm, however once she was waking to the alarm I gave her these responsibilities which I think aided in her success.

Just recently my daughter attended a church camp and it was the first time she did so without any bed wetting aids (like pull ups). She was very proud of herself and her self esteem has grown enormously.

The best moment for me was the other night when my daughter said to me "Mum I'm so happy to be going to bed like a normal 12 year old". This brought tears to my eyes.

I would highly recommend this product to other children who are struggling with being continent during the night.

I would like to thank Pharmawide Sales for their support during this process.

I will be recommending this product and Pharmawide Sales to others.

Kind regards Janelle