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Bed Wetting Alarm Reviews

Read through the great reviews we have gathered over the years of selling and supporting bed wetting alarms for Australian children. If you have any questions just get in contact and we can help with your unique situation. 

Alyssa Bed Wetting Alarm Review

Hi Jack I'm delighted to report that we had early success with the bed wetting alarm and have been dry since the 4th night of use! No accidents at all since either. I was very surprised and can't believe it was that easy. Our 2nd b...

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Karen Bed Wetting Alarm Review

We are THRILLED with the way in which the bed wetting alarm worked for our son. He had been wetting the bed once or twice a week on average, driving us crazy with soaked sheets. As he was about to turn 8 yrs old in Feb, we decided that we needed a really good solution and turned to this alarm. It...

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Myfanwy Bed Wetting Alarm Review

Hi there, we had great success with your bed wetting alarm, and quickly too. For the first 3 or 4 nights, I had to wake my daughter up when the alarm sounded, as she sleeps like a log. But by about night 12, she was waking up by herself and taking herself to the toilet, without setting off the alarm...

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Justine Bed Wetting Alarm Review

Hi, We have a 7 year old daughter who had never had a dry night, ever. She’s such a deep sleeper and doesn’t wake in the night.  She was at the stage where she really wanted to be rid of the pull-ups and sleep through the night like all her friends, dry! We researched so ma...

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Christy Bed Wetting Alarm Review

We love ♥ the DRI Sleeper Eclipse and highly recommend it to anyone battling wet nights.    Our son is 7, is a heavy sleeper, wet multiple times a night and had only ever had two dry nights.  We tried a different alarm (more expensive) 12 months ago but after 6 weeks of...

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Kellie Bed Wetting Alarm Review

Thank you so much for your product!!  At first I thought it was really doing nothing, then after approximately a month, all of a sudden it worked and no more wet bed!!  It has been 18 days straight with no accidents.   My 10 year old son is just such a heavy sleeper!  Som...

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Rachel -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse Bed Wetting Alarm Review

This product worked for us. We read the reviews which were mixed but decided to give it a go. Our 5 year old daughter had been out of nappies at night time for 2 years with only a total of about 20 dry wakes. We had tried everything - limiting water, rewards charts, prize boxes, talking about the br...

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Alison B -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

Just wanted to let you know my son responded very quickly to the alarm after initially having 2 wetting accidents per night. It also made me realise that he is a very deep sleeper as he was sleeping through the alarm & needed to be woken.

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Marina -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

Hi Jack Just some feedback on the bed wetting alarm we bought a couple of months ago. Well I think we've had some real success. Not there quite yet but on our way! My 9 yr old boy had never been dry in the past. In the first week of using it the alarm went off one to two times per night...

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Jeremy -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

The sensor has worked very well although there were some initial problems. My son is 11 yr old and has had bedwetting issues several years ago. They recently started again in January this year. I followed the instructions to put the cordless sensor inside a thin sanitary pad inside the pyjama ...

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