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Tanya -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

Review for the Dri Sleeper Eclipse Hi Jack, Our son is 7 1/2yrs old and had never had a dry night. We tried the prescribed MEDICATION first, at a costly, with NO RESULT. We purchased a Dri-sleeper Eclipse bed wetting alarm in October (2015). We started out so positive but after 8-10 weeks of hit and miss results, we were wondering if it would actually work in the long run, however, we were determined to persist and I’m so glad we did... We have just clocked up 28 DRY nights in a row! It did take us a bit longer than what we thought (or had hoped) it would take but the result has been 100% success. He empties his bladder before bed and now holds all night or can actually wake and get to the toilet through the night if he needs to. To all parents reading this and wondering whether it really works and is it worth it.... ABSOLUTELY YES! I was at exasperation point, needless to say our little guy was pretty gutted every morning he woke up wet. (He did not even wake through the night when he had totally saturated himself, he just slept through). It may not work as quickly as you want it to work, as in our instance, but it does eventually work and it is worth every single cent and every single bit of effort it takes on your part to get up and attend to the alarm/toileting/resettling. Our young man is having his first sleepover next week, which is something he couldn’t do before, and he is absolutely delighted to be able to do something most other kids take for granted. My husband and I (and our son!) are absolutely thrilled with the results and only wish we had tried this a number of years ago. Thank you so much. Tanya

-- Tanya

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