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Hi there Yes we have had a wonderful success! Our 4.5 year old started wetting the bed soon after he was toilet trained at 2.5 years. We had tried everything from diet change, chiropractor, chinese herbs, vitamins, setting our alarm twice a night, limiting water before bed... and the list goes on. We were concerned when we were buying nappies for our 4.5 year old and not our 2 year old. My husband then came across your website and suggested we give it a go. I was skeptical of course as we had had so many wet beds over the past 2 years. We started using the alarm and it would go off once or twice night but we persevered. Some nights he didn't wake up to the alarm and sometimes he would unplug it and just fall back asleep laying in a puddle. But after just 3 short weeks he started getting up in the night and some nights he was able to hold on until the morning. He made the 14 nights and has not had a wet night since. I recommend the alarm to anyone who has tried everything and as it their wits end. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. Thank you

-- Tammy

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