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My 10yr old daughter is a very deep sleeper, and wet the bed most nights. Wetting up to three times. I would wake her up to go to the toilet once a night so she would hopefully try and get up herself but in the end it was so she wouldn't go through so many pull up's! It was costing me a fortune!  I finally decided to get the bed wetting alarm. It was hard for her at first. She slept through it a few times and I had to wake her. But I recieved follow up emails making sure we were following the right steps, and I read a tip - testing the alarm over and over again before bed to train the brain to wake up. I would tell her to lie down and "go to sleep" then put the sensor in a cup of water. Then she would get up, un plug it, and go to the bathroom. We did this a few times every night before bed for about a week. She thought it was fun! After starting this process she was waking up to the alarm! Then she would wake up before the alarm! Now after 8 weeks she isn't wearing pull ups at all and doesn't need the alarm! She is so happy, and proud of herself. I can't recommend this product enough! The fact that they send you follow up emails to make sure your on track is wonderful. They dont just send you the product and leave you to it. I have now given the alarm to my other daughter, and I'm positive it will bring the same results for her! Couldn't be happier ?? Thanks guys! Roxann.

-- Roxann

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