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Rachel -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse Bed Wetting Alarm Review

This product worked for us. We read the reviews which were mixed but decided to give it a go. Our 5 year old daughter had been out of nappies at night time for 2 years with only a total of about 20 dry wakes. We had tried everything - limiting water, rewards charts, prize boxes, talking about the brain and body connection, taking her to the toilet part way during her sleep. Nothing resulted in long term dryness, and we were getting fed up with washing sheets every day. We used the wireless bedwetting alarm and followed the instructions exactly. Our daughter was excited to try it as she also didn't want to wet the bed anymore. From day one, the alarm woke her just as she was starting to wet and was enough for her to stop and wait for us to take her to the toilet. Within 6 days she was sleeping through without wetting. Within 10 days she said 'mum I don't need the alarm anymore'. So we removed it and 2 months on we have never had a wet night and have not had to worry about limiting water. This alarm has been a life changer for us.

-- Rachel -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse Bed Wetting Alarm Review

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