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Noni -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

After doing quite a bit of research & exploring a range of training aids, I decided the DRI Sleeper Eclipse was the best option to get our 7yr old son finally out of night nappies. He is a very heavy sleeper and showing no signs of being dry in the morning, so we were still sceptical that any process would work and had anticipated at least a couple of months treatment.  Although the alarm is quite loud, it did not wake him, but alerted us to go and get him up to the toilet. To our amazement, after 10 days the alarm no longer went off. I still can’t quite believe it was that easy. Given our success, I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to remove night time nappies.

-- Noni -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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Drops of urine
Signal alarm unit (by wire or radio)
Alarm Sounds
Child wakes up (trains the brain)