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Natalie Stucci

My son was about a month off turning 6 when I purchased this alarm. He had NEVER had a dry night. He was beginning to get embarrassed about wearing his pull ups, but due to wetting every night we felt he had no other choice. We discussed purchasing this alarm with him to make sure he was on board and understood the process. Of course he was very keen, so we decided to stop using the pull ups while we waited for delivery. Not surprisingly, he continued to wet every night, sometimes 2 or 3 times. Delivery came, we used the tips to practice each night when settling into bed since we knew he was a deep sleeper. He continued to wet every night, but we were not discouraged and praised his efforts. We also introduced positive affirmations after our practices in our bedtime routine. This pattern continued but by week 4 there was significant changes. Low and behold we had a dry night! It was like something just clicked for him. He also began to wake during the night to take himself to the toilet.  We now have one very proud 6 year old who has decided he doesn't need to wear his sensor anymore and has gained confidence in himself. My only regret is not trying this sooner.  THANK YOU!

-- Natalie Stucci

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