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Michelle -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

My 9 year old daughter is empowered! This product is fantastic! I was sure I would have the child that would not respond to this for some reason but within 2 weeks my daughter had stopped wetting completely. My daughter is 9 so it was a great relief to her to stop and the process made her feel quite empowered. Even after the first couple of nights if she would start to wet she would stop as soon as the alarm started (even if she was not fully awake). I loved that the sensor could be put into pull ups, which meant there was no changing sheets etc during the night. I am so glad we found this alarm and will be sharing our experience with anyone who has the same problem. Thank you! Michelle

-- Michelle -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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Drops of urine
Signal alarm unit (by wire or radio)
Alarm Sounds
Child wakes up (trains the brain)