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Melissa -- DRI Sleeper Excel

Dear Jack Please find our feedback below regarding the DRI sleeper bedwetting alarm. Our 6 year old son has been a consistant bed wetter every night since he was born. Our constant efforts for him to overcome this failed and we found that he would often wet the bed early on in the night so we thought there was little hope in him breaking this habit. We found your product on the internet and made contact with your representative who was very helpful and informative. When the kit arrived we were still a bit sceptical that it would actually work, however after approximately 2 weeks of consistent use our son stopped wetting the bed and has now been dry for the past month with no accidents. Your product is true to its name and it saved our family a lot of stress. Thank you so much for making such a great product at a very affordable price. It was definitely money well spent. Melissa

-- Melissa

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