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Hi Jack Just some feedback on the bed wetting alarm we bought a couple of months ago. Well I think we've had some real success. Not there quite yet but on our way! My 9 yr old boy had never been dry in the past. In the first week of using it the alarm went off one to two times per night. As you had mentioned in the first few nights he needed real help with getting up to the alarm. After about 10 days he was starting to get up before the alarm was going off. He managed to go 14 days without it going off so we removed the alarm. In the 2-3 weeks that he's not had the alarm he has wet the bed twice. He actually did it last night so I'm thinking of putting the alarm back on him for a bit, although he doesn't want to. Anyway we will persist and i think we've turned a corner. I'll have to re read the advice on what to do when there's a few slip ups along the way. So thanks! Marina.

-- Marina -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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