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LB -- DRI Sleeper Excel

Dear Jack, I don't usually send feedback to companies, but I have been so happy with this product I really wanted to give you a positive  review. My daughter is 8 and had been wearing pull ups at night. This was getting difficult/embarrassing with sleep overs. We had tried in the past (waking her up, going to the toilet right before bed, not drinking after dinner, etc), but it always resulted in extra laundry and frustration. She is a really heavy sleeper as well which didn't help. When I finally went to the doctor about it, she recommended an alarm. After researching, I decided to purchase your product (DRI Sleeper excel). After 3.5 weeks of patience, persistence and wet beds, she had her first dry night! We have now had 5 consecutive weeks of being dry and she is waking up independently to go to the toilet. She is so proud much more confident, and I am  having money and time. I would recommend this to anyone as long as they are prepared to have patience and put the hard work in initially.....the result is worth it! Regards,

-- LB

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Signal alarm unit (by wire or radio)
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Child wakes up (trains the brain)