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Kieran -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

Our experience with the DRI Sleeper Eclipse exceeded our expectations As forewarned in the information provided, our heavy sleeping child slept through the alarm on the first couple of occasions. However, within a couple of nights our child was waking, initially after a fully wetting the bed and then within a couple more nights, waking and stopping himself after just a tiny amount of wee. Within a week or so he was taking himself to the toilet during the night or early morning without any bedwetting at at. Within 2-3 weeks our child was consistently achieving dry nights and has been ever since. This is an effective device and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others.

-- Kieran -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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Drops of urine
Signal alarm unit (by wire or radio)
Alarm Sounds
Child wakes up (trains the brain)