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Ken & Vicki -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

After eight weeks of using the DRI Sleeper Bed Wetting alarm, we have had complete success. Within a week of first use our 7 year old daughter had developed bladder control so that the alarm sounded but she was able to ‘hold on’ and there was minimal wetness. After a fortnight she was either sleeping though without wetting or waking up to go to the toilet most nights. After a month, no problems at all. We stopped using the alarm and night nappies altogether after seven weeks and there have been no problems at all. We would be more than happy to recommend the product. It was quick and really affective. The only minor thing we could suggest is a pouch or liner could be available for sale, although we easily made some out of liner fabric.

-- Ken & Vicki -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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Drops of urine
Signal alarm unit (by wire or radio)
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Child wakes up (trains the brain)