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Karen -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

We purchased the Eclipse DRI Sleeper when my son was 11 years old. Up until then he would wet the bed most nights. We had tried other methods (seeking the advice of our GP, limiting drinks, waking him ourselves etc.,) to no avail. I was honestly sceptical about how this device would achieve the results we hadn't been able to achieve so far. Happy to report that it has worked brilliantly.   My son used the device for about six-eight weeks. We initially set it up with him and practiced what he would do when the alarm sounded. In the first few weeks he would wake when the alarm sounded, take himself to the toilet, reset it and return to bed. It was not long before he was completely dry at night without even needing to wake to go to the toilet. After several weeks of being dry and not needing to wake, my son felt confident he could manage without the device. He had now been device free and completely dry at night for close to 6 months.   I cannot explain how he went from wetting his bed 98% of the time, to being completely dry and not even needing to go to the toilet during the night - I can only credit this success to the DRI Sleeper. It is as though our son's brain/body has been "retrained".  He is so happy that he can now do what his younger brother has been doing for years - not wearing night nappies and not wetting the bed. Camps and sleepovers are much easier now and his confidence has soared.   Thank you!   Karen

-- Karen -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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