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Karen Bed Wetting Alarm Review

We are THRILLED with the way in which the bed wetting alarm worked for our son. He had been wetting the bed once or twice a week on average, driving us crazy with soaked sheets. As he was about to turn 8 yrs old in Feb, we decided that we needed a really good solution and turned to this alarm. It took exactly seven weeks for the system to work - weeks 6 and 7 were completely dry. We have now had three weeks without an alarm, and without incident, and our son is SO ridiculously proud of himself. He now wakes and gets out of bed to go to the toilet, even when he is feeling unwell. I wonder if we should have turned to this alarm earlier, but perhaps he was not mature enough, both physically and emotionally, to make the most of it? Anyway, we have ended up with the long awaited result that we wanted and are very grateful for it. Many thanks,  Karen A.  

-- Karen A -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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