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Justine Bed Wetting Alarm Review

Hi, We have a 7 year old daughter who had never had a dry night, ever. She’s such a deep sleeper and doesn’t wake in the night.  She was at the stage where she really wanted to be rid of the pull-ups and sleep through the night like all her friends, dry! We researched so many bed wetting alarms and we chose the Dri Sleeper Excel, and we know we made the right choice. Never having had a dry night, and having gone to the continence clinic a number of times, we expected the whole thing to take months or even years to work. After 5 nights, she was waking before the alarm woke her with the urge to go to the toilet. And after 14 dry nights in a row, less than 3 weeks into the program, we were all so pleased with the results. Now almost 2 months down the track, my daughter is sleeping better and we aren’t having to hide her little secret anymore. I was very cynical about alarms, but have to say we are your happiest customers ever! Thank you, Justine

-- Justine -- DRI Sleeper Excel

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Drops of urine
Signal alarm unit (by wire or radio)
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