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Julie -- Replacement Eclipse Sensor

The first night was a nightmare – we were up 4 times racing down the hallway to stop the alarm because Maisey was still asleep!  During the first week we found that the alarm sounded quite a lot, but the panty liner was totally dry.  We ended up turning the Sensor over and we finally had some success!  When the alarm did sound, we knew that there was moisture there.  After about 2 weeks, Maisey was turning the alarm off herself and going to the toilet on her own.  After about 4 weeks, the alarm didn’t even need to sound, Maisey woke herself up and went to the toilet on her own!  We kept going with the unit until after about 6 weeks, just to be sure.  Since we removed the Dri Sleeper Eclipse, Maisey has been completely dry every single night!  My husband and I are just amazed at how well it worked. We didn’t even know this product existed until we were talking to the other mum at our school.  I can’t recommend this product highly enough.   Many thanks!

-- Julie -- Replacement Eclipse Sensor

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