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Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how our family went with the bed wetting alarm. We told our 6 year old son that he was going to wear “Robot undies” that would help his brain to remember to wake up when he need to go to the toilet in the night time. He understood that the robot in his undies would make a loud beeping noise to remind him to wake up. He was very interested in this idea and was excited not to be wearing nappies while we tested his robot undies. On the first night, our son slept through the beeping alarm until my husband and I got up and were able to rouse him enough so that he got up out of bed and went to the toilet. His underwear and bed were soaked however. On the second and third night, our son woke up a short time after the alarm went off and his underwear and sheets were just a little wet. On the fourth night nothing. That’s right, by night four he woke up all by himself to go to the toilet. We were amazed and so excited! All of us! After that, our son woke up time and time again to go to the toilet himself. We only used the “robot undies” for two weeks before we decided our son didn’t have to use them anymore. We started using our “robot undies” in July this year (2015) and its now November. He has had maybe 1 or 2 very small accidents since then, but that is all. Prior to using the bed wetting alarm, he would completely sleep through his body releasing urine and everything would be soaked. Our son was amazed at the robot undies and how they helped his brain wake up to go to the toilet. I was so pleased at how the product worked so well for us and how quickly. It was almost as if our son just needed a little trigger in his brain to go off to help him get up out of bed to go to the toilet. I would highly recommend this product and have told many of my friends about it already. Also Mr Rapley, you were so helpful when my order was initially delayed. You answered my emails so quickly and kept in contact to make sure I eventually got the product. I was super impressed by your professional and friendly service. Thank you so so much! Jody

-- Jody

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