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Jeremy -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

The sensor has worked very well although there were some initial problems. My son is 11 yr old and has had bedwetting issues several years ago. They recently started again in January this year. I followed the instructions to put the cordless sensor inside a thin sanitary pad inside the pyjama pants. I couldn’t get this to work at all despite multiple attempts. I phoned the help line and got an immediate response. They suggested wrapping the sensor in tissue paper and putting inside undies instead of pyjamas at night. This worked immediately and within a couple of weeks he was regularly dry. We accidentally flushed the sensor down the toilet, so I sent an email and got an immediate phone call to say they sell replacement sensors, and they put one in the post. We haven’t used it for the last 2 weeks as he has been dry every night. Great customer service. Perhaps should revise user instructions. Thanks Jeremy

-- Jeremy -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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