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Jamie -- DRI Sleeper Excel

Hi Jack, The Dri Sleeper Bed Wetting alarm we purchased was fantastic! I wish we had of found it sooner. My almost 5 year old had been day potty trained since before she was 2 years old but was still wetting all night. Not just "accidents" either - she was consistently wet (leaking nappies and all) every night. It took about 4 weeks for her to become completely dry over night, but she liked the security of the alarm and insisted on using it for another 3 weeks when she didn't really need to. I really think that your product is great and I will be telling friends and family about it. I would suggest you to do more advertising for this fabulous product because I had to search for it and none of my friends had ever heard of it - and it is great! Thank you so much! Kind regards,

-- Jamie

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