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Holly -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

Feedback for 7 year old. It took us a few goes to get the positioning and layering right. We were putting it in the stuffing of her pull up but that didn't work, then wrapped it in a layer of toilet tissue in her pull up but that didn't work either. The alarm moved while she turned in her sleep, away from directly under the 'flow'. So then I decided to try using her actual underwear. I wrapped the alarm tightly in toilet tissue and placed it snug inside the 'crotch pocket' of her underwear, then with a pull up over her underwear, she stopped wetting instantly!!! The crotch pocket was the perfect secure place for the alarm to instantly and effectively work for a female. I actually believe it was the action of wearing underwear that enabled her subconscious to 'mature' out of wetting. Occasionally the alarm went off but she got up and emptied her bladder and the wetting was absolutely minimal. Brilliant product and I had procrastinated using this for a long time not believing it could work! It does. Thank you! Holly

-- Holly -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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