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Fiona -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

I just wanted to say thank you! I purchased the Eclipse alarm just before Christmas for my nine year old son. He had never had a dry night due to him being a heavy sleeper. I had considered other alarms and had tried different things but no help. A friend of mine put me onto this product and it has worked. The first week no one heard the alarm except for me. By the second week my son was waking to the alarm and even taking himself to the toilet. We would change the pull up and reset the alarm. We are now on 6 straight dry nights. He has been waking before the alarm goes off and taking himself to the toilet. Last night he went all night without getting up and going to the toilet and was completely dry. His confidence has grown greatly as his bed wetting was impacting him socially with sleep overs and school camps. I will certainly be recommending your products to others, even my doctor who advised me not to do it due to sleep deprivation. Many thanks once again. Kind Regards

-- Fiona

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