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Debbi -- DRI Sleeper Excel

Hi Jack, My 7 year son has NEVER been dry in his life. Every night he was SATURATED and leaked through pull ups through the bedding. It was his decision to order his alarm from your website as he was desperate to be dry and 'normal'. We ordered the Dri Sleeper Excel. Week 1-2 Absolute hell. It was like having a newborn again. Up 3-4 times a night, racing to the toilet with a boy who was in a deep sleep. By the second week our boy was carefully cutting into sanitary pads (for his alarm), all lined up ready for the night ahead. He took full control of his treatment but we were exhausted. Twice we turned the device off overnight (without his knowledge) just to get some much needed sleep. He didn't remember many times despite using a cold cloth on his face and turning the lights on. By the second week I was over it. No improvement. I broke down at work....but was encouraged by a colleague who told me to keep going for at least 4 weeks. It felt like forever but we kept going. Week 3-4 only twice a night! I couldn't believe it. But still hard work. I was doubtful it would ever work. Then, out of the blue, he had a dry night!! Fluke? One off??? Then.... Week 5 - DRY! Week 6 - DRY! And so on and so on and so on!!! From the first night he was dry he has NEVER had an accident since. He raced around the house with joy, saying 'my brain has woken up, my brain has woken up!!!!". It's now 6 weeks since his first dry night. He is the happiest and proudest kid on earth. I'm still pinching myself that it worked. In reflection I wish I'd gotten the wireless version but it still did a great job. Words can't express how this has changed our sons life and ours. We have given away all his pull ups and we are all well slept.

-- Debbi -- DRI Sleeper Excel

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