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I'm a mother of a six year old boy and 4 year old girl. Both were toilet trained at 2 years and 3 months and neither of them had any issues. From day 1 on toilet training my daughter was dry and my son never. We saw a paediatrician when he was 5 and she suggested coming back at the earliest when he was 6 and a half. We tried restricting his fluid intake from 4pm onwards, to waking him up at 9.30 and 11pm. We stopped putting night nappies on him hoping the feeling of weeing would wake him up. Nothing worked. A friend suggested seeing a chiropractor which we did and it had minimal success but the issue always came back. By this stage my son was in Grade One at school and very aware and embarrassed by this. I returned to our GP to get a referral to see the paediatrician and they suggested getting a bedwetting alarm off the internet. After searching the internet and reading the testaments from other users my decision was made easy. It took 1 week for my son to wake up on his own when the alarm went off and 2 weeks of dry nights for him to be fully trained at night. We took the alarm off and over 2 weeks he twice started to wee in his sleep but woke himself up immediately and went to the toilet. I am so impressed by the bed wetting alarm and how quickly it worked. My son can now no longer be embarrassed about having to wear night nappies. Thank you for a wonderful product.

-- Clare

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