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Christy Bed Wetting Alarm Review

We love ♥ the DRI Sleeper Eclipse and highly recommend it to anyone battling wet nights.    Our son is 7, is a heavy sleeper, wet multiple times a night and had only ever had two dry nights.  We tried a different alarm (more expensive) 12 months ago but after 6 weeks of zero success we gave up. It was a wired unit but very hard to switch off and reset.  In contrast, the Eclipse has been a breeze to use. The instructions you provided were detailed and the ongoing offer of support very reassuring.  We have just completed 14 nights dry, after only 7 weeks of using the alarm. I say we because it has been a bit of a team effort. My son does not wake to the alarm on his own so he’s required a bit of a cheer squad to get him up when the alarm has sounded. The first successfully dry night was after only one week and we were truly amazed. We thought it would take months.    He’s now waking on his own when he needs to go (without the alarm sounding) or holding on until he wakes up.    Thank you so much! I’m not understating this when I say, it’s been life-changing for us.  Kind regards,  Christy

-- Christy -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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