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Aurelie Bede Wetting Alarm Review

We are so happy we purchased the DRI Sleeper Alarm. Our son is turning 7 in November, and I knew I needed to find a way to help him, he was a heavy sleeper and wouldn't wake up at all, we had tried to night train him when he was much younger and could see he wasn't ready, so we had gone back to wearing nappies, then we tried again, and again it was not successful. I would usually have to change his nappy around midnight it was so full. With his age, nappies were getting very tight! and thought the stay at home situation with the COVID-19 was the perfect time to try and assist him. Reading all the good reviews of the product I convinced my husband we should go for it, and long term it repays itself since you don't have to buy nappies anymore. First week the alarm would only wake me up, not him! but me coming to him with the alarm in his ear I think triggered something in his brain to make him stop...After about 10 days we started to see improvements, it was so spectacular to see and think, "that's it I think his brain gets it!" Since that day we had 3 accidents otherwise he's dried every night and calls me to go to the bathroom, usually twice (around midnight and early morning), the alarm is effective and I am so happy we went for this one which is so easy to use, its easy to clean and replace in the middle of the night too. I think his sleep is affected a little bit which means I feel like I have a new born again! but I still don't regret the purchase and seeing he is so proud is so precious. We will continue to use it for a while but I have to say some nights I forget to put it on and still no accidents.

-- Aurelie - DRI Sleeper Eclipse

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