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April -- DRI Sleeper

I bought a Dri-Sleeper from you mid-Jan this year and our first day of use was 14th Jan. Up until Dec last year my 6.5 year old son had been wearing pull-ups every night and getting up with a drenched nappy every morning. There was never a sign of the obligatory 'dry nappy' needed to begin night time training, so we kept the pull-ups going. Dec 2015 I decided we should ditch the pull-ups and try him without, just to see if he could do it on his own. After a month of twice a night wetting, and lots of washing, I called you. My son and I decided together that we would try this alarm and he was very motivated to give it a go. We started 14th Jan, and the first 2 weeks he did wet twice a night, but did turn the alarm off himself and went to the toilet each time. By week 3 he had his first dry night and by the 14th Feb, we had hit the 14 dry-nights-in-a-row target! I was so amazed and proud of my little man. We are now in the phase of having more than usual water before bed to test his 'training' and we are continuing the dry-night spree. I am so pleased we bought the Dri-Sleeper and I have already recommended it to my friends. Thanks very much for your support Jack. Kind Regards,

-- April -- DRI Sleeper

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