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Amy -- DRI Sleeper Eclipse

Hello,   I would love to provide feedback for the bed wetting alarm. My son is 5 and a half & never had a dry night, we decided to try the alarm. At first I thought he was the 10% that it doesn’t work for, as throughout the first 4-5 weeks of using the alarm he continued to wet his bed (sometimes a few times each night) & sometimes not even wake up at the sound of the alarm. I’m so glad that we persisted with it as after 5 weeks one night something must have ‘clicked’ as he went the next 6 nights in a row with no accidents & waking up on his own to go toilet. Since then his confidence has grown & he only sometimes wets a few times a month. & he is improving each month. All i can say is to stick with it, for us it took what seemed a long time for it to start working, but I'm so glad we stuck with it as it worked!   Thankyou,

-- Amy

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