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Alison -- DRI Sleeper Excel

Dear Pharmawide,   The Dri Sleeper absolutely works! I thought my son would be a bed wetter for ages and I now wish I had bought your product sooner. My son is 11 years old and I had been waiting for "nature to take it's course" to get him to stop bed wetting. In his 11 years of life I could count on one hand the nights that he had been dry. I was fed up with washing linen even though we used night nappies as they often leaked. From the first night the DriSleeper woke my son up as soon as he started to urinate and he would stop and go to the toilet. We would reset it and found that he was wetting a few times a night. Occasionally he didn't wake up but it was usually due to the alarm having come detached and he was lying on. He quickly got the hang of dealing with getting himself up and going to the toilet. We used either a night time nappy pant or men's incontinence pad to position the sensor which worked well. After about 4 weeks he had 4 nights in a row dry then 2 nights where it woke him up. Then it went to 10 nights in a row and then 1 night where it woke him up. We are now onto 14 nights dry and I have removed the DriSleeper for the first time last night and he woke up dry. He is so pleased, it's great to see the confidence he now has. Thank you so much for the follow up emails they really helped to remind us we were on track. I highly reccommend this product to anyone thinking of using it. Don't wait as long as I did.   Alison Clark Davison

-- Alison -- DRI Sleeper Excel

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