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Replacement DRI Sleeper Excel Sensor

The DRI Sleeper® Excel patented Urosensor™ can be purchased separately as a replacement for a damaged sensor, or as a new sensor to reuse the Excel Alarm with another child.
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Drops of urine
Signal alarm unit (by wire or radio)
Alarm Sounds
Child wakes up (trains the brain)

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If you need any help choosing the best bed wetting alarm for your kids please don't hesitate to contact Jack for professional advice.

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The DRI Sleeper® excel patented Urosensor™ is made of a soft, flexible, moulded plastic so it is comfortable to wear and easy to clean and dry for instant re-use. There are no fiddly clips or domes that can break or damage.

The alarm unit comes with one Urosensor™ and batteries. We also have a special package including an extra Urosensor™ at a discounted price.

The Urosensor™ is a consumable item just like earphones for an iPod or mobile phone. With reasonable care the Urosensor™ will last for many years. However, it will need replacing from time to time. Because the Urosensor™ is used by a child the exact life of the Urosensor™ is hard to predict. So, just as people often have a spare earphones on hand, our advice is that a spare Urosensor™ is a good idea too.

Clinically Proven

Dri Sleeper Bedwetting Alarms have a 90% success rate according to an independently audited study.

Dedicated Australian Support

With over 30 years experience assisting in bedwetting, our local team are there to help your child achieve dry nights and answer any of your questions.

6-8 Week Treatment Time

Typically, your child will achieve dry nights in 6-8 weeks using the Dri Sleeper Bedwetting Alarm. Plus, we're here to help through the whole process.

Kind to Skin

Made of conductive plastic, Dri Sleepers Urosensors are gentle to even the most sensitive skin.

We purchased the Eclipse DRI Sleeper when my son was 11 years old. Up until then he would wet the bed most nights.


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Drops of urine
Signal alarm unit (by wire or radio)
Alarm Sounds
Child wakes up (trains the brain)